Why Us?

Why Avial Web Design?

  • We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the finished product. We can design your site exactly how you would like it. First we do a rough design based on a questionnaire that you fill out, then we ask you what needs to change in order to make the website match the one in your head.
  • If there is something we cannot do, we will tell you straight away. Before you pay, and before we even send a quote. Whenever possible, we will assist in finding someone who can do the part we cannot do, or even the whole project if necessary. This allows you to make informed decisions.
  • We will not invoice you until you are completely satisified with the finished product. If you are not satisfied, you are free to take your business elsewhere and you don't have to pay anything.

Why Avial Web Hosting?

  • You get the first month's hosting free of charge. This allows you to try before you buy.
  • If your site's uptime average for one month falls below 99.98% you will not be charged for that respective month.
  • Your account is setup immediately. As soon as you sign up, you will be sent an automated email giving you the details of your new hosting account. This happens before we even have your billing information.

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