• Web Site Design and Development

    Just about any small business can benefit from having their own website. Avial can design for you a simple, effective website for any purpose. Whether for personal, business, or non-profit purposes, Avial can build you an effective and affordable solution.

    If you are a non-profit organisation or educational institution, please be sure to ask us about our discounted prices for such organisations.

    We have three main categories for website design.

    The estimated price range in the above three sections is very broad. The exact cost of site design and development can only accurately be determined on an individual basis. For a free quote, or for more information about web design, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Web Site Maintenance

    We are able to maintain your website's content according to the need of your business or organisation. We can make monthly, weekly, and even daily updates to your site for a minimal cost.

    Web Site Maintenance can be provided for a fixed charge per month, or on a pay-per-update basis, depending on your requirements and preference.

    Alternatively, you can update your site yourself using the Avial Content Management System at no extra cost.

    The Avial Content Management System allows you to edit your websites text content through a rather elegant online editor. You edit pages on your site much like you would edit a letter in a word processor.
  • Reselling Web Design

    If you would like to expand the value of service you offer to your customers, offering website design may be a great way to do it. Let us do the hard work for you. We will design the site according to your specifications (which you obtain from your client), then all you have to do is add the content. All web sites designed in this a manner are branded with your company name. We will remain completely transparent to your clients. Avial Web Design is based in Canberra, but you can take advantage of this service regardless of your location.
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