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If you intend on hosting more than one site, be sure to take advantage of our multiple-site discount (reseller hosting) or our Virtual Private Servers
We have four Australian web hosting packages and four US hosting packages. All plans come with the cPanel hosting control panel to allow you to fully configure your hosting to your requirements.
All accounts come with the same set of features; you are not restricted by having a cheaper account except by web space and traffic allowance.
If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Australian Hosting

Package Basic Details Monthly Cost Sign Up
AU Budget 25MB Space
500MB Transfer
$8.80 Order
AU Standard 100MB Space
2000MB Transfer
$15.00 Order
AU Extended 300MB Space
6000MB Transfer
$19.80 Order
AU Professional 500MB Space
10000MB Transfer
$27.00 Order

All Australian and US plans include: *
  • Unlimited SQL databases
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains

500MB Extra Traffic $3.00 per month
100MB Extra Space $4.00 per month
Additional Private IP Address $5.50 per month

Traffic may be purchased in minimum increments of 500MB, Space may be purchased in increments of 100MB.
Extra space may not be purchased for the Budget plan, however, you can upgrade (or downgrade) plans at any time.

U.S. Hosting

Package Basic Details Monthly Cost Sign Up
US One 50MB Space
2000MB Transfer
AU $6.00 Order
US Two 100MB Space
4000MB Transfer
AU $8.80 Order
US Three 200MB Space
8000MB Transfer
AU $14.00 Order
US Four 400MB Space
16000MB Transfer
AU $22.00 Order

Must have 100% uptime?
Contact us about our cluster hosting, free on the AU Professional plan. Your site can be distributed over multiple servers world-wide, making it more responsive and more reliable. We guarantee a 100% uptime on our cluster solution.
500MB Extra Traffic $2.50 per month
100MB Extra Space $3.50 per month
Additional Private IP Address $5.50 per month

Traffic may be purchased in minimum increments of 500MB, Space may be purchased in increments of 100MB.

If none of the above plans suit your needs, we can help you create a custom hosting solution. Just email us.
Our web servers runs on RedHat Linux. All hosting plans include PHP and Perl scripting capabilities along with support for SQL databases. The number of SQL databases a website may have is unlimited within reason.

Our server uptime is guaranteed to be above 99.98%. If at any time our up-time falls below this figure - we will gladly refund your current month's payment in it's entirety.

Standard Features: E-mail Features:
RedHat Linux POP Email
Apache Web Server Web-Based E-mail
PHP 4 / PHP 5 Unlimited Aliases
MySQL Unlimited E-mail Forwarding
Perl 5 Unlimited Auto Responders
Ruby on Rails Catch-All/Star Address

Sendmail SMTP Server
Linux Web Hosting Canberra
The prices on this page are for Linux hosting. Please contact us if you require your site to be hosted an alternative operating system

Why Avial?

Why should you choose Avial as your reliable web hosting company?
Our 99.98% uptime guarantee provides reassurance of the quality of our services; no need to worry about your site being unavailable. We are always just an email or phone call away if you ever find yourself struggling with technicalities, 24/7. Along with our great quality of service, our server has support for all mainstream web programming languages, you are able to have unlimited SQL databases, and unlimited email accounts. Additionally, our pricing structure is quite scalable. If you need more web space or traffic allowance, you can either upgrade to the next plan or purchase extra space or traffic as required. If you find you are not using all the space or traffic that you have available, you can downgrade your plan.

Aussie or US Hosting?

If you are targeting an Australian market or audience, you should have your site hosted on an Australian server. A site hosted on an Australian server will typically respond quicker to a request from an Australian visitor due to the small geographical distance between the client and the server. If however, you expect to have many international visitors to your site, it may make sense to have US hosting in order to take advantage of geographical distance and lower cost.

All plans are negotiable and custom plans are available. To enquire about a custom plan or an alteration to an existing plan, please Contact Us.

Note: We will not host any sites containing explicit adult content.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual or organisation based on the content of the site. If a site is found to have inappropriate content, the owner will be given 30 days to amend the site before the account is suspended.

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PHP 4.3 enabled server in Canberra
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