Virtual Private Servers

Having a VPS is just like having your own dedicated server, but is often more economical. You have no restrictions over what software you install or how you use your VPS, unlike shared hosting, where everything is locked down. You have complete root access.

Australian cPanel VPS

All VPS plans include:

  • An unlimited-domains WHM/cPanel license
  • Remote reboot facility
  • Customer initiated server backups


Web Host Manager, or WHM, gives you ultimate control over your server. It allows you to manage server software and client accounts, and even allows you to set up reseller accounts. It has numerous features including support for plugins and an API to allow full integration with any current systems you have.


cPanel is the customer-end counterpart to WHM. WHM and cPanel are often collectively referred to as cPanel. Please visit for information on cPanel and WHM.


Silver Gold Platinum
Disk Space 20GB 30GB 40GB
Traffic Allowance 50GB 75GB 100GB
Guaranteed RAM 310MB 512MB 768MB
Burstable RAM 1024MB 1024MB 2048MB
IP Addresses 2 2 2
Monthly Cost $68.00 $92.00 $110.00


Disk Space $4.00 / GB
Traffic Allowance $4.00 / GB
IP Addresses $3.50 each

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