Avial employs a range of leading-edge technologies to deliver the best service possible.

Web Development

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a relatively new web framework raising the standard for rapidly-build interactive website and web applications. Ruby on Rails abstracts the logical functionality of the site, from the gory syntax and semantics of web programming. This allows for faster development, and a better-quality end-product.

Avial CMS

Avial CMS is a Content Management System developed in-house and is exclusively tailored to meet needs of our customers. It is constantly being updated with new features as they are required. It is not a complete turn-key solution, but it is very flexible.

Data Management


MySQL is the leading open-source relational database implementation that employs the standard SQL database language. Relational databases are an intuitive and ideal way of storing almost all forms of data, especially data with complex relationship between particular types of datum. Relational databases are very powerful, it could even be considered overkill to store a small web site's data in a relational database. Doing so, however, offers extreme flexibility in what new directions the site can take in its development.

Regular Backups

Every night like clock-work, all our customers' websites are copied to our backup server. At any one time, we store a copy of the site as it was the previous day, and a copy as it one week ago. This ensures that any accidents that occur, such as overriding a needed file, are not painful to amend.

Hosting Configuration


cPanel is an industry leader as a fully-featured web-hosting administration suite. It allows our hosting customers to fully configure every aspect of their hosting from the convenience of their favourite web browser.

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