Rails Hosting Beta

Rails Control Panel Coming Soon

Our Rails Control Panel will allow you to create a new Rails application within your hosting package, or deploy an existing one. You will have the ability to start, stop, and restart the application server (which is Mongrel). Many other features are envisioned which will make deploying and managing your Rails application pain-free.

Until Then

The Rails Control Panel will not be ready for some months now. You can, however, still host your Rails application with Avial in the mean-time. Since you will not have access to the Rails Control Panel, we help you setup your application on a one-on-one basis via either email or phone. (Alternatively, you can host your Ruby on Rails app on your very own Australian Virtual Private Server - we'd be happy to help get it set up)


You need to order a hosting account on which you would like to run your Rails Application. The total cost will be the cost of the hosting account, plus the cost of Rails support.

Cost per month
Pre Control Panel
With Rails Control Panel

Sign up for our Rails Hosting now, and pay only $5.00 per month (plus the hosting package cost) for the first 6 months. Just sign up for a normal hosting account, then let us know you would rails hosting enabled.

Please contact us if you have any questions
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